So I just completed an 8 week shred programme and I celebrated with my first photoshoot and I wanted to share with you all what I learned.

Its that day of the week most of us look forward to most. It’s means a break from work (for many), and a break from the diet.

Who here has said to themselves I’ll just have to one drink or some crisps or whatever else you have blacklisted while you…

I’ve noticed this quite a bit recently. People saying they are really tired and they don’t know why.

Even myself, I’ve been tired but that is also to do with my current schedule and not sleeping like I should.

That said I think its no surpise that we are feeling…

Chrissy H fitness

Chrissy is a fitness coach, podcaster (whynot podcast) and part time equestion. Sharing ideas and tricks that can help both your physical and mental health!

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